The RI APCD Opt-Out Portal is currently unavailable as Rhode Island transitions to a new Lockbox Services Vendor. Please see below for more information.

Welcome to the RI APCD Opt-Out Portal

In May 2014, Rhode Island began an exciting project called the Rhode Island All-Payer Claims Database (APCD). This important database, similar to projects already implemented or under way in 17 other states, provides information about the cost and quality of healthcare in Rhode Island and will inform statewide decisions on improving access, efficiency, and affordability.

Your privacy is very important to us. All information collected in the APCD will be completely anonymous and will comply with the highest industry standards for privacy and security. Names, addresses and all other personal identifiers will never appear in the database or any reports.

Although the APCD will never collect any personal information that could link you to your healthcare claims, it is your right to choose to have your information excluded entirely. With a few pieces of information requested on this website, we will be able to accurately and reliably instruct your health or dental plan to keep your records out of the All-Payer Claims Database. Your records will be excluded forever and you will not need to update your request.

We hope that you will choose to be a part of Rhode Island's healthcare reform effort. To learn more about the Rhode Island APCD, please visit the State of Rhode Island's All-Payer Claims Database Website or download the RI APCD Opt-Out FAQs.

The RI APCD Opt-Out Portal is currently unavailable as Rhode Island transitions to a new Lockbox Services Vendor. During this time we are unable to process opt-out requests. We expect opt-out services will be back online by Fall 2022. If you still wish to opt-out of the RI APCD, please return to this webpage at that time to submit your request. Please note that during this transition period no new information will be submitted to the RI APCD by health insurers.

This website is operated by Arcadia Healthcare Solutions as authorized by the State of Rhode Island.

The All-Payer Claims Database project is authorized by RIGL Chapter 23-17.17-9 and overseen by the Department of Health under state regulation R23-17.17- RIAPCD.

Questions, comments, or feedback?

For technical assistance with the Opt-Out Portal, please contact Arcadia Healthcare Solutions at

General questions about the RI APCD should be directed to the Rhode Island All-Payer Claims Database at

If you would like to opt-out over the phone, call the RI Health Insurance Consumer Support Line (RI-REACH) at 1-855-747-3224.